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Embroidery printing is a technique that involves stitching designs onto fabric using specialized embroidery machines. It creates raised, textured designs with durable and long-lasting results. Embroidery printing is commonly used for adding logos, names, or decorative elements to garments, accessories, and promotional items. It offers a professional and classic look.

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DTG (Direct to Garment)
Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a method of printing high-resolution designs directly onto garments using specialized inkjet technology. It allows for vibrant, detailed prints with unlimited color options, making it ideal for small production runs, complex artwork, and customization. DTG is commonly used in the apparel industry.

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Sublimation printing is a process in which heat and pressure are used to transfer dye onto various materials, such as fabric or ceramic. The dye sublimates and becomes a gas, penetrating the material's fibers, resulting in vibrant, permanent prints that are smooth to the touch and resistant to fading or peeling.

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B2B Print-on-demand Industry

Restaurants and Cafes
Custom t-shirts can be used for staff uniforms or promotional merchandise for customers
Hotels and Resorts
Custom t-shirts can be offered as branded merchandise in gift shops or used for uniform purposes.
Clubs and Organizations
Sports clubs, social clubs, hobby groups, and organizations can create custom t-shirts for their members or special events
Events and Conferences
Custom t-shirts can be used as giveaways, event merchandise, or staff uniforms for conferences, trade shows, festivals, and other events

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